L.DuBois Advocacy

Let me show you how we can work together to make a positive difference for your child.
Time is vital; there is hope.
Service Fees
The first hour consultation is FREE.
Currently, my fees are $50 per hour for everything including:
phone conversations;
reviewing educational records, school documents and testing;
writing/reviewing letters;
attending meetings (including travel time to and from meetings);
I require a $100 retainer and a contract to be signed before starting a case.
I will need a complete un-returnable copy of your child's educational records (IEP's, testing, report cards, standardized tests, discipline reports, etc.) for my files.
If you think you only need a hour or two consultation, please let me know by e-mail. You can mail your payment in advance to the address above with a scheduled time for convenient calling, and we can certainly work on an as needed basis without a contract. I do not however do consultations without payment in advance.
For more questions, help with choosing the right track, set up a session and more! 
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