L.DuBois Advocacy

Let me show you how we can work together to make a positive difference for your child.
Time is vital; there is hope.
Background Information
My experiences as an educator are vast.  I have seen and lived enough special education, both professionally and personally, to know what works best when helping a child attain the free and appropriate education he/she is entitled to under the law. I have lived both sides of the educational desk and have experienced what goes on behind the scenes in schools.
This helps me remain objective while gathering expert advice, evidence and opinions. I have learned to challenge, be humble, remain flexible, and always stay focused on what is in the best interest of my client. I was involved with numerous special needs children and have attended countless team meetings. I spent
years watching and learning what goes on behind the scenes.
I also worked for a multidisciplinary clinic that evaluated special needs children in all areas; Psychological, Educational and Speech and Language. This was quite an eye-opener for me to see the difference in the private sector of evaluating vs the public school doing the evaluations. Although the school personnel tries hard to help and work in the area of needs, the funding and staffing is not as available as having a very thorough evaluation done by competent, licensed clinicians.     
Advocacy Services
Review Records:
Review IEP:  Review your child’s IEP to determine if the goals, accommodations, services, and placement are appropriate to provide your child a meaningful education.
Review Evaluations:  Your child’s evaluations provide information to understand your child’s needs.  This enables the team to establish what services, goals, and accommodations your child will need to make progress.
School Records:  Record review includes a review of all school records, including; evaluations, progress reports, ieps, report cards, team meeting notes, and any other relevant information.
Attend Meetings:
Team meetings:  IEP meetings, Annual Review meetings, 3 Year Reevaluation meetings, and Update meetings
Placement meetings: Meetings to determine appropriate placement where the IEP can be  fully implemented and your child can make effective progress.
Manifestation meetings: When there are concerns about behavior and how that behavior is related to the child’s disability is complicated.  Parents should never attend a manifestation meeting alone.
Mediation meetings:  When the parties disagree, they can participate in a voluntary process of mediation. This is provided at no cost and the state department of education provides independent mediators.
Resolution Meetings: If mediation is not successful, the school department and the parents can participate in a resolution meeting.  This provides a last opportunity to try to resolve any disputes before going forward to a Due Process Hearing.
We will provide you with information, guidance, and support so that you will understand the process of special education and learn strategies for advocating for your child.  We use persuasive language, documentation, and legal references to ensure that your child gets what they need.  

Special education is an entitlement under the law for eligible children with disabilities who require specialized education instruction in order to make progress.  As your child grows and their needs change, their special education program also needs to change.  Determining what your child is entitled to and what you must provide to the school department to ensure that their needs are met is what our advocacy services will help with.  We will support what you feel is necessary for your child to be successful.  We want what you want…Your child’s success… in school and beyond!

Call or email to provide me with a general idea of your concerns. Next, set up an initial in-person one hour consultation with me at NO CHARGE. If you decide to hire me I will begin the process immediately. You will leave the meeting with a clearer understanding of where we are headed, how we are going to get there, and what it is going to take to achieve our objectives.